Accountability and Good Governance means

being in the “Know”.



Know your fleet is being monitored and watched.


Know who is driving your vehicles at all times.


Know if there is any over-speeding in town overnight.


Know if your vehicles are being used after hours illegally.


Know accurate legitimate after-hours movement for Overtime approval.


Know if any dangerous driving is occurring anywhere at any time.


Know if your vehicles are working where they should be.


Know if your vehicles are going out of town.


Know if your vehicles are standing idling.


Know who is drawing Fuel for what vehicle and when - LIVE.


See the VAM Live Fuel Management section for more details on this.

VAM Total Municipal Solution

Through the VAM Control Room all the above issues are attended to with a personal touch by your own designated controller.


You are notified immediately via sms, e-mail and even by phone should your controller believe an issue to be serious enough.


You will decide on the type of breakfast reporting you require to be e-mailed to you every morning i.e. previous night’s vehicle movement etc.


Allow us the opportunity to meet with you to discuss how VAM Solutions will impact on your existing budgets, and the degree of reduction in Expenditure you can expect to achieve

Kilometres travelled this month and previous month.

Excess Idling for this month and previous month.

Number of Harsh Brakes for this month and previous month.

Highest speed exception reached by vehicle for this month and previous month.

Name of driver as well as the date and time the reported exception occured

Monthly After Hour Kilometers Travelled by vehicle and department

Year to date Annual Report on After Hours Kilometers travelled compared to total mileage by vehicle and Department.

You will recieve Monthly Management Reports Detailing:-


We will manually input your fuel fill information into our management system which will allow us to add reports detailing:-


Should you wish a more accurate fuel reporting, we will incorporate the VAM Live Fuel Monitoring System into the Municipal Solution which will assist with ensuring fuel is only used for official use and will greatly assist with further reducing the fuel expenditure.


Fuel used by vehicle this month

Vehicles fuel consumption.

Fuel used by the department this month

Year to Date Annual Report on fuel filled by vehicle and by department.

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